Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Why BackpackGeeks?

Being called up a geek often means that you are associated to some kind of computer nerd living in caves. Socially weird and with a deep addiction to whatever computer/electronic gadgets that he finds. It is true, but not as much as it is not :)

This name of this blog came out seamlessly during a brainstorming session we had Adeline and myself a few days ago. After discussing what this blog would and should be about, it seemed quite logic to associate the words of backpack and geeks together as

Backpack, because well ... this is a backpacking adventure. 5 stars addicts, pass your way, please!
And geeks for two reasons.

  • First we are deeply attached to our little electronic gadgets, and going on adventure without is just not making any sense.  
  • And second, geek as its larger definition of passionated people that are embedding themselves into a lifestyle and can't resist to share the beauty of it to others.

So this is how is born on a nice Saturday afternoon.

The purpose of all this

Through this blog, we will try to enlighten you in the art of traveling with all these precious and highly necessary gadgets on your back while not missing out anything of the adventure. Note that these gadgets might not just be electronic ones (even though many of them will be) but backpacking gear, tips, how-to's and more are also on the menu.

The idea is essentially to share all the great moments that backpacking can offer and give you the taste of adventure.

No matter if your are a friend, family or an anonymous in search of hints for your upcoming adventure, this blog is here for you! Please leave us comments and questions as often as you like and we will do our best to reply.

3,2 1 launch!

Off we go, see you soon for some more updates :)

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