Monday, 8 April 2013

ADATA, BackpackGeeks partner in Australia

Taking pictures, sharing souvenirs and keeping all of it safe for ever. All these are top priorities on our trip's logistic check-list. How could you plan such a trip, take thousands of pictures and not think about it, right?

Last week, we received a nice package from Taiwan and now the time has come to reveal what's in it!

Who is ADATA?

ADATA might not be a known brand to most of you so let me introduce them to you. ADATA is a Taiwanese based tech company. Their business is all around these little electronic components that we have in our computers and phones or cameras and that store our data. So ADATA builds SD Cards, SSDs, external storage solutions, USB sticks and other accessories.

+Timothée through his contacts got in touch with ADATA and asked them to become partner of this trip. ADATA accepted and decided to gear us up with some very useful geeky gadgets fitted for this kind of adventure.

In ADATA's pakage

So what did we received last week?

The weather was quite bad last week so we couldn't make proper pictures but with the weekend, the sun came out and we had the time to make a quick photo-shoot :) Here is what we've got:

SD Card

Our DSLRs SD Card starting to fall apart, it was really important for us to get a new one. And so, Alex, our contact at ADATA sent us a new one. But the card he sent is not just a standard SD card.

This SD-Card is advertised as being waterproof, shockproof, magnetproof, xrayproof and Extreme temperature proof. Wow ... that's a lot of proofness, but this is what makes this card ideal to survive three months on the roads between mountains, hot deserts and humid tropical forests.

External Storage

For a three month trip like this, traveling light is the key. So for +Timothée there was no-way to carry around his laptop. We needed some sort of external storage to backup the pictures though...
ADATA offered us to take on one of their DashDrive Durable HD710. This is a 1Tb external hard-drive that happen to be shockproof and waterproof. Again, perfect for what we are going to do. Humidity, dust and heat are conditions that we will be throwing our hardware at, and this should be just right for surviving it and securing our pictures.

Wireless SD Card reader HotSpot

Quite a complex name, but quite a cool device! Since we won't be taking a fully fledged computer with us, we need something to read the pictures taken with our DSLR from the SD-Card and post these with our smartphone that has 3G Internet.

The DashDrive Air AE400 is the solution ADATA proposed us. Basically this on-the-go SD-Card reader combines a battery pack and a WiFi hot-spot.
It can be controlled remotely from a smartphone and used as a network storage sharing device. Quite cool right?

Gear Review

Since we've received these last week only, we didn't had the time yet to fully these. We will be posting later on a full review for each of these products so you guys can have a better idea of how all this will come into play together.

Any question? Write us a comment below and we will do out best to answer :)

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