Thursday, 23 May 2013

Around Perth and Western Australia

This is it, we are arrived in the South-West of Australia. Finally! The journey took us about 34 hours by train, but remained quite comfortable thanks to the good seating.

Arrived in Perth, we are greeted by a dude that works in a kind of Tourism information centre specialised in backpackers. He gives us a map of the city and tells us to come to have a chat with him in downtown. After a short walk from the station to Perth CBD (Perth is quite small), we pay him a visit and go through the different options to visit the south-west. We can visit Perth by walk easily, but going south isn't possible without a car. We had made some research the days before and had a good idea of what a car would cost us... a lot! To our surprise, the guy from the info centre had deals with the rental companies and could get us a car for about $100 cheaper! Of course, we took the offer! We arranged the pick-up for the car on the next day so to have enough time to go around the city.


Perth is quite a young city, both historically and population wise. There is a lot of work here, and thanks to the gold mines all around Western Australia, it is quite visible that this impacted heavily on the development of Perth over the past decades. It is also no surprises that Perth is the Australian city that hosts most of the Australian fortunes. The best attraction in Perth is the "King's Park".

That huge park (much larger than Central Park in NYC) is offering a breathtaking view over Perth city and we spend there almost the complete afternoon. In the evening, we headed to an Overclocker friend of mine nicknamed "Uncle Fester" which generously offered to host us for as much as we needed. The evening with him and his family went really well, and we ended going to bed quite late..

Perth and the surroundings

The next morning, after picking up the car (a Hyundai i20), we head of to discover what's in the south of Perth. During this 6 days trip down south we drove nearly 2000km!

It doesn't look like it on the map, but here any distance is huge. The landscapes of WA are really beautiful and truly deserve the praises they get. Among the places we saw:

  • West Coast (Eagles Bay, Margaret River, Augusta)
  • South Coast (Walpole, Albany)
In the far south is located the Walpole National Park. This park host immense trees reaching over 60 meters high with some older than 600 years. One of the great things to do in this park aside of walking around the trees, is the "Tree top walk". This suspended walk 40 meters off the ground gives a quite unique experience of what these giants are- truly magical!

North of Perth

For the last day of our trip, we headed all the way from the south to the North of Perth. There, we didn't got lucky with the weather and had to spend a horrible night in the tent with a storm turning around for most of the night - scary! But the tent did its job and nothing got wet, the next day, the sun is almost back and we head to the pinnacles.

The Pinnacles are one of the most famous attractions of WA. Located in the Namburg National Park, these stones growing out of the ground are a geological mystery. Still today, scientist haven't come to an agreement of why these stones are here and what created them, but for us tourists, this is really amazing and fun. The park offers short walks in between the pinnacles as well as a Car safari. We did both.

Before leaving Perth and head back to Adelaide, we came back to our friend Uncle fester to share with him some French pancakes - Salty and sweet - delicious!

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