Saturday, 11 May 2013

How we post pictures on the road

Some of the pictures we take and share with you are taken from +Timothée's phone, but for some other shots, it is always better to use the big camera since shots are sharper and generally better.

The only issue is that on the road, most of the time, our only access to the internet is our phone's 3G connection. But here in Australia, outside cities, 3G is quite slow and you'd better re-size your pictures before uploading them from the bush.

In the process, we also give a little clean up to the pictures, correcting color balance / saturation or giving them a little bit more style. Here is how:

Here is how we do it

To transfer the pictures from our camera to the smartphone, we are using Tim's favorite gadget, the ADATA DashDrive AE400.

Basically this small box below is a USB card reader. But what makes it special is the fact that you can connect to it wireless with your phone and retrieve the pictures from the SD card that is plugged-in.

Now here is how we do:
  1. Take a picture with the "Good" camera 
  2. Insert the SD-Card into the ADATA DashDrive AE400 and turn it on. 
  3. Connect to the Drive with the phone Wi-Fi and navigate with the app to the picture you want to share, and select "Download" 
  4. Ones the file is downloaded, we usually, open it from the Android Gallery, make a few adjustments (using PixlrExpress) and it is good to share on Facebook

Really fast and useful when you can't have a computer with you on the road.

It can be done from within your pockets, and if you connect your phone via USB, it recharges its battery. :)

Hopefully soon, a version of this box will come with a combo of SD-Card reader and hard drive, so photographers can backup their SD cards the same way!

There is also one thing you might have noticed. We love to post panoramas and larger than usual photographs. To tell you how this is done, I'll make a post later on with some more details about it.

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