Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tim's first month impressions

This first month on the road has been a great experience. Already one month, and even though leaving sydney seems still quite close in time, to see what we've done since makes it sound far away.
I liked every single thing since the start. The backpacking, the taste of adventure, the sleeping in the tent and especially the camp fires during with the hot tea that warmed us up during the cold nights in Tasmania. Everything so far is great, besides the cold of the Tasman nights maybe, but that's also part of what makes the experience memorable, right?

On the road, but not alone

I don't think that being alone on the road for such a trip would have scared me, but not being alone and doing this with Adeline definitely makes things much more enjoyable. This just not means having less to carry, but also means that many burdens become easier, and there is always someone to motivate the other when power runs off. She did great so far, I guess that she is now feeling much more confortable with the adventure/backpack trip idea and this is really nice. More to enjoy for both of us and less to worry about.

The life away of electronics .... or not.

Thanks to the phone and the 3G connection which allows me to keep in touch with all my "stuff" at least once or twice a week, I can't say that I miss my computer. I definitely miss my macbook, but thats a different story. The investment into a new phone definitely was the right choice. This plus the gadgets from ADATA which for the battery pack where truely life-savers in some situations.

This last week I could play a bit more with my camera and the intervalometer. I'm not mastering yet the art of timelapse, but things are heading the right way. Looking forward for future shoots!
Timelapse video here......

Meeting overclockers

We've met five Australian overclockers so far on our trip. It first started with Dino in Sydney with whom we had a great BBQ dinner with. Then, we met Ducan and Sturt in Melbourne where we went to a local pub for few beers listing to people singing on the piano-oke. Then in Adelaide, we briefly met Ben (newlife) which kindly hosted us while we were in translation. Finally, we recently had the chance to stsay a few days at Uncle Fester's place in Perth for some Epic BBQs, crepes and delicious Kangoroo steacks!

33 percent completed

One month out of three. This also just means about 66 percent of the fun stll left to happen. The coming two month will be for sure as great as the first one. Next stop, Adelaide!

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