Monday, 1 July 2013

Cairns and around - Part2

This is already a week that we are in Cairns. Impressions? - Awesome landscapes!
Cairns looks a bit like we are sitting on an island - well, we do, - but more like a small Island. Beaches are always nearby and behind big mountains covered with dense rain forest jungle.
The place reminds us a lot of Taiwan or even Tioman Island in Malaysia.

Many Australians come here to retire or simply to make a break in their life - and we know why. This is the perfect place to relax and just enjoy great weather!

3 days by car

To fully enjoy the surounding landscapes and get to see all the spots that we had marked on our map, we rented a car for three days. Three days are enough to see most of the things. This times, we didn't got as lucky with the rental as in the other times, and out car is yellow ... I call it Ugly Yellow ... anyway...

Since I want to keep my reputation, I let Adeline drive for these three days :)

On the first day, we head south to check out a place filled with waterfalls. The most impressive of all is the Josephine Falls (picture below).

On the second day, waterfalls again! This time we saw the Milla Milla Falls. Also on the way we get to travel on top of the Table lands. There the landscapes remind us a lot of what can be seen in the mountains in France for example.

On the third day, we visited the Mossman Gorge and drove up all the way North to Cape Tribulation - Place where Captain Cook arrived first in Australia. This is also the place where the normal roads stops. There is no other way to go further north without a 4WD.

Overclocking event

Even on holiday, we do not forget our job and our geek roots. Through Overclocking-TV we got invited to attend the Australian annual meet hold in Cairns. Every year, the Australian overclockers meet for one week of extreme computer fun. Read more in this news on OverClocking-TV to learn more about it.

Since after a few hours Overclocking can be boring, Adeline decided to take car of the food part and cooked for the guys some delicious meals - Pizzas and Lasagne.

More Pictures

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