Saturday, 20 July 2013

The end ... almost!

It is true that we haven't seen as much as we could have from the east coast. The first reason is that after having seen so many things already in three months, most of the east coast are just more beaches, more of the same thing.

The second reason is also that we've had while a Brisbane a phone call with Jon. Jon is a friend from Perth. He offered us to sit his house while he's on vacation in Japan and get us some work once his back.

He lives in Perth, which, if you remember is on the other side of Australia. It is 4000km west of Sydney. Our unlimited train pass expiring in less than two weeks, we decided to jump on the opportunity. Especially since the train allows us to travel for free with a luggage allowance of over 40kg each! Ideal for moving all our stuff.

Byron Bay

Brief stay in Sydney

Before starting our trip, we left a few things in Sydney at Dino and Frank's - both good friends of Tim and Adeline. We plan to stay three days in Sydney, gather our things and hop on the train for another three day towards Perth.

We arrived in Sydney around 6am. I can tell you the temperature there was cold! Nothing like Sweden of course, but cold enough to require a bit of thermal protection.  We spent most of the day hanging around the Sydney harbor / Opera house. We also visited the modern Art gallery which we didn't had the chance to check out earlier.

Luckily we had great weather, we've been told that it was pouring for two weeks prior our arrival!

For the evening, we stopped by our old flat to visit our ex-flatmate Balaji. Invited for dinner, we spend the evening there with him, sharing the story of our trip and of course eating the traditional curries.

We spent this first night back in Sydney not far in the nearby park, while the two following days we slept at Frank's place. Adeline enjoyed to hop back at her old workplace and see that she hadn't forgotten any of the old reflexes - she still makes great coffee!

Operation - Get the luggage back!

It's hard to imagine how much things you have before you actually do have to carry all of them from one place to another. We had one huge luggage, a smaller one + our two backpacks and some more bags with shoes etc in it.
In total we might have close to 90kg. Way too much stuff if you ask me.

We will definitely need to sort things out and get rid of a few things before moving again. (especially some computer stuff ... yeah >< way to heavy).

Arrival in Perth...

On Wednesday morning, we picked-up all our stuff and went to the train station. This is the third time that we are taking the Indian Pacific. In the train we meet again the same crew members, it's kinda fun. The trip is 67hours long and for 4352km. The train being somehow a touristic train, it stops several times along the way: Broken Hill, Adelaide, Cook, Kalgoorlie and Perth.

Broken Hill, Outback NSW

This is the only city we didn't had the chance to visit yet. This small town in the middle of no-where is famous for it's mines of silver, copper and steel. Today most of the mines are closed.

Old mine shaft in Broken Hill

Perth, our new home

We left Sydney on Wednesday and arrived in Perth on Saturday morning. Out of luck, the train station that acts as a main hub in town is closed due to construction works. So to get to our destination we need to walk, take the train, take a bus and walk again ... all this with our 90kg remember?

But we did it! Finally we are arrived and now it's time to relax, unpack our luggage and work on finalizing the last blog posts before going back to work.

Plenty of cooking and geek-ing is on the menu - of course!

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