About Us

Behind this blog, there is Tim, 29 and Adeline, 27.

Since 2007, Tim started studying abroad in Canada, Scotland and then Sweden. On his way, he picked up Adeline who was studying in France at that time. Travel wise, she went for the first time abroad during an internship in 2009 in Spain followed by some adventures in Portugal, the Netherlands and Sweden.

In 2011 we decided to move together to Taiwan. 
During our journey in Taiwan we went on a trips around south-east Asia exploring countries as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong. These were our first backpack trip experiences and as you can guess ... Its addictive!.

After that year in Taiwan we wanted to continue moving around and chose that the next destination would be Australia.

How not to resist to the call of the Australian Outback? On this blog you can find the stories of our 3 months trip around Australia.

In 2013, we came back to Taiwan to spend some time for our professional carrier.

2018, is the year of changes, and it's time for a roadtrip in New-Zealand!

This blog will be our anchor to keep a record of where we've been and to stay in touch with family, friends and followers.